With more than 15 years experience in the design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing of components and vehicles, Carvajal Motors has grown to become a well known  in the automotive industry. With our extensive in-house capability, we can support for a wide variety of projects, ranging from concept  models to complete vehicle development and build.

Our team of experienced professionals is recognized for meeting aggressive timing objectives, and delivering the highest quality of service required for long-term Customer relationships and repeat opportunities.



Starting with pencil sketches or point cloud data, Carvajal Motors can support all manner of projects ranging from current product evolution to “blue sky” ideation. Seamless integration between our design and engineering staff ensures development of a great aesthetic while ensuring packaging and manufacturing feasibility, and regulatory compliance.

Our design staff employs a variety of media to realize new designs including hand sketches, digital renderings and full 3D digital modeling. This service is further enhanced by our clay and CNC machined, scale and full-size modeling capability.



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Our engineering team has the depth and diversity of experience needed to deliver large complex programs as well as smaller component based projects. Whether we are designing a ground up 4-wheel drive/4-wheel steer electric unmanned ground vehicle, converting gas-powered vehicles to electric, developing innovative mechanical systems or creating a new custom body design, we approach every project with a passion for excellence of execution.

We can provide individual or fully integrated services in the following areas:

  • Body Engineering – Structures, Closures, Exterior and Interior Systems, Seating and Trim.

  • Chassis Engineering – Suspension, Steering and Braking Systems.

  • Powertrain Integration – Engine/Motor, Fuel/Power Supply, Transmission and Driveline Systems.

  • Electrical/Electronics – Lighting, Harnesses, Controllers, Displays and Distribution Systems.

Combined with our capability in program management, product design, fabrication and prototype build, Carvajal cds  provides a unique “one-stop” location for any project.




Using a combination of industry standard modeling tools, Carvajal Motors can simulate and predict the behavior of vehicles and systems, ensuring they meet requirements for strength, durability, NVH and manufacturing feasibility prior to build of the first prototype or production unit.

We perform analysis in the following areas:

  • Crashworthiness – Structural, Occupant.

  • Durability – Stress, Stiffness, Fatigue.

  • Noise, Vibration & Harshness (NVH) – Normal Mode, Frequency Response, Point Mobility.

  • Nonlinear Analysis – Geometric, Material, Contact, Friction.

  • Optimization – Topology, Shape, Section, Size, Material, Multi-Objective, DOE.

  • Vehicle Dynamics – Virtual Wind simulation.


    Carvajal Motors  provides unmatched capability and experience in the build of concept, prototype and low-volume production programs. Using in-house resources, we can build everything from a surface verification model to a fully functional technology demonstrator vehicle.

    Our manufacturing capability includes the following services:

  • Fabrication & Welding – (AWS certified welders & procedures).

  • Machining – CNC Mill, CNC Lathe, Waterjet & Laser Cutting.

  • Composites – Autoclave & Oven Cured Pre-Preg & Wet Layup.

  • Glass – Laminated, Tempered.

  • Paint – Heated Down Draft Paint Booths.


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